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Monday, May 9, 2016

Chicago in the Spring - Weekend Recap in Pictures

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We don't get a lot of Spring-time weather in Chicago, so when we do, I like to make the most of it.

Here are a few photos of Chicago on a sunny and mild weekend in May.

Yellow tulips on Michigan Avenue + my yellow manicure 

Saturday afternoon I got a manicure and then I realized that my manicure matched the tulips on Michigan Avenue! Naturally, I had to capture that. I posted a better shot on IG for all those "nail art" lovers - whoever they are.

A photo posted by leyla a. (@leylaruinseverything) on

Chicago Parks are the best!

I was walking through the park and boom! there it was - that beautiful old condo building on North Avenue. I find myself in awe every time I look at this building, it is so elegant. It stands apart from any other building in the city - at least that's how I feel about it. Sadly, the photo I posted on Instagram didn't get the love it deserved :(  

Lake Michigan in May - Chicago in the Spring

I took a long walk along the beach. I was sitting here contemplating the complexities of life (like Snapchat filters), I was splashed by an unruly wave. I clumsily jumped up to save my camera and my phone -- both sitting on the concrete beside me.

Now that we're onto Snapchat filters...

My derby day hat courtesy of Snapchat

P.S., I'm "Luluinatutu" on Snapchat. Luluinatutu is an odd choice for a username since it is the only time I've used this name since it was my original Twitter handle back in '08! 

Perfect Spring day in Chicago - or is it? 

See what I did here? I ruined the perfect day by adding in a tornado. The best part about Snapchat is that you can revert back to your15-year-old self, make stupid jokes, and no one cares. 

Final favorite from the weekend in pictures - a gif! 

Psychedelic Work Out 

I was bored, so I made a gif. I still on the lakefront, near Fullerton, sitting on the new landing area. There was a guy to my left who was exercising, running / leaping up and down the steps. He had been doing it for a while, so it's not really fair to him, he was much faster at first, and I had some fun with it. 

There you have it. May Spring Weekend in Chicago. 

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