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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lollapalooza 2016: Day 1 Recap of The Bands We Saw (Not Just My Outfit)

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Recap of the Bands on Day 1 (Thursday) at Lollapalooza

This is my (and my friend Adam's) recap and it isn't any less special on Day 3!

Lollapalooza AlunaGeorge
AlunaGeorge at The Pepsi Stage
Winner of the best show I saw on Thursday!

Lollapalooza Day 1 Bands
This is NOT a blog post about my clothes or some other bullshit fashion blogger post. This is how it all went down. Commentary is mostly me with Adam mixed in. Most of the good pics are by Adam. Sorry for the lack of hyperlinks to the bands, in a hurry, will try to update it later. This is gibberish for your entertainment anyway. 

City & Colour 
Bud light stage. We arrived, it started to rain, we needed shelter from rain. We visited the Bait & Switch tent - AKA Toyota's fake contest booth - but then needed cover again. We found some trees to stand under when we heard City & Colour. We weren't trying to see him, more interested in staying dry, but the guy was really good. I only saw a corner of his eye on the jumbotron through the trees. But I liked what I saw. 

Kurt Vile and The Violators 
Petrillo stage. Rain stopped. He was very good. The banjo song was good. After the banjo song, that song was my favorite. I need to look it up but I think it was Walking on a Pretty Day. He kinda reminds me of Wilco. 

Kurt Vile Chicago Lolla 2016
Kurt Vile and I have the same Lolla hair

Pepsi stage. This was a happy accident, I stumbled upon her when I was trying to charge my phone & use the port-a-potty. AlunaGeorge was my favorite of all the bands we saw on Thursday. An alluring vibe that pulled me away from the port-a-potty and then they kept us from going back to finish Kurt Vile's set. 

AlunaGeorge at Lollapalooza
Hey, can someone tell that girl to get off her phone?

Samsung Stage (I think). Total accident, again. We were watching Schlomo at the BMI Stage and had to leave immediately. He was insulting me with his music. We wandered over to G-Easy and loved it. Great energy! Plus, he's skinny, which is always a bonus for me.

The 1975
Bud Light Stage. Blah. The first song was alright. The second song was meh. The third song made me want to commit crimes against humanity. And, it was TEENY BOPPER HELL. Note, in my last Lolla post I said how much I loved seeing families, well this was where I drew the line.

The Arcs 
Lakeshore Stage. Stayed for the whole show. I thought they were quite good... but then I saw that they had two drummers. I turned to Adam and said, "What band has two drummers?" With one eye open, he says "The Grateful Dead." My suspicions were confirmed, we were watching a "jam band". I didn't care if I was watching Dave Matthews Band circa 1992, I still liked their music. (P.S. if you couldn't pick up what I was laying down, let me spell it out for you - I hate Dave Matthews). 

Perry's Stage. He was floating. I knew his first two songs. I liked his Trump f*ck you. He tricked the kiddies into putting their middle finger in the air (because apparently everyone at concerts does whatever the guy on stage tells them to do) and then he said F U to Trump. He was the first of two bands (so far) to say F U to Trump.

Flosstradamus at Perry's Stage - see he's floating!  

Last But Not Least... 

Lana Del Rey 
Bud Light Stage. We get to Lana Del Rey about 15 mins into her set and it's like the scene from the Wizard of Oz where they fall asleep in the poppy field - just kidding! People weren't sleeping. It was more like the dream sequence from the movie Grease - beauty school dropout. I'm still kidding!

Seeing Lana Del Rey headline a music festival is like seeing a Buster Keaton film in 3D IMAX. There is no point!

She sounded fantastic and played all her hits, actually, I think all her songs are hits. The black and white feed on the jumbotron certainly gave Lana Del Rey's performance a magical feel. Despite the magic, her music, along with her barely-there stage presence, is more conducive to smaller venues. Can you imagine seeing Lana Del Rey at The Green Mill? That would be a good show.

Ultra violence sounded fantastic. She played Summertime Sadness and who doesn't have that going on right now? Totally appropriate. Video Games is always a huge crowd pleaser. And then she played an older song where she picked up a guitar. Adam said it looked like she was pretending to play guitar - but that was for the song that came after the older song I can't remember. Adam also said, "a Gibson Flying V was an interesting choice" for her to play. I dunno, too technical for me.

I almost forgot, Lana Del Rey complained that it was hot. Stick to the air-conditioned clubs, Lana. 

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Lollapalooza 2016: Day 1 Recap of my Recap

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25th Anniversary of Lollapalooza - I mean - Leylapalooza

My (2nd) recap from Lollapalooza Day 1 (Thursday) because I accidentally deleted the original while trying to "fix the post" while riding the bus to Lollapalooza on Day 2.

Lake Shore Stage Day 1
(did they not get a sponsor for this stage?)

25 Year Anniversary of Lollapalooza and Leylapalooza 

I too am celebrating my 25th anniversary of Lollapalooza. I was at the first Lollapalooza in 1991 when I was 9 years old (x2). The music festival has not been produced for 25 consecutive years, but I have been to nearly every Lollapalooza that has been produced. And now it is Lollapalooza 2016. 

It Rained. And Then It Rained Again.

lolla pink poncho unicorn

It's Ok, we didn't mind. A little rain isn't going to change the fact that it's summer, there's music and we're alive. You didn't hear a lot of complaints about the rain on Thursday. 

We Walked. A Lot. 

Thursday was a day of walking. I did a half-marathon at Lollapalooza, apparently. 

My step counter - 13.2 miles walked at Lollapalooza!
In fairness, I did walk 10.5 miles the previous day

Lots of Families 

families dancing at lollapalooza

It looks like this man is disciplining his child but he's not, they're dancing together. This was a common site on Thursday. Lots of parents with their tween-aged kids dancing together. I loved it. I hope my friend and her tween can make it on Saturday.  

My parents took me to concerts from the time I was 11. I liked music and was too young to go to concerts alone, so my parents took me until I was 16. I went to A LOT OF CONCERTS my parents have probably seen more bands than you'd imagine! I always thought if I had kids I'd bring them with me to concerts and I am glad to see that so many people do. 

That's it for now, for the second time. I am getting to head back to the park for Day 3 but in the meantime you can... 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Morning Moments on The Lakeshore Trail - My Chicago

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Take a walk with me and see my morning moments. This is my Chicago.

My summer mornings are spent on the lakeshore trail. The view never gets old but this summer has been exceptionally beautiful, so I'm sharing my view with you.  

bird flying over my chicago
 My Chicago birdseyeview
Bird flying over Lake Michigan

Every Single Day 
I walk a lot, probably more than most people walk. This summer I've outdone myself. Normally, I walk about 4 to 5 miles a day. This summer that number doubled. I'm clocking close to 10 miles a day.

I spend about 1 hour to 1.5 hours on the lakeshore trail and Lincoln Park. Despite the fact that I've seen the sun rise over Lake Michigan 1000 times, maybe more, I find it impossible not to capture my walk.

Every single day is beautiful in a different way. Each morning I fall in love with my city all over again. These are my Chicago morning moments. Scroll down.

North Avenue Beach Chicago Skyline View
 Chicago Skyline
One of my favorite morning moments

The view never lets me down
As I approach the stretch of the lakeshore trail before North Avenue Beach - that stretch that juts out - I get excited. I know what comes next. I walk to the end of that stretch and I turn around to look at the skyline.

I always find myself looking back the way you would after seeing something for the first time. That's how breathtaking it is for me. Every morning this fills me with hope and happiness. It never disappoints and it never gets old.

Lakeshore trail North Avenue
 Almost there... getting excited for the skyline
North Avenue Beach, Chicago

Lakeshore trail North Avenue Beach

Capturing the Chicago skyline from North Avenue Beach
I'm not alone.... everyone wants of piece of you, Chicago!

north avenue beach chicago
 There it is again, that coveted view of Chicago
Chicago skyline from North Avenue Beach

Leyla Chicago North Avenue Beach
 And here I am - stop, smile and selfie
Taking my one-billionth Chicago skyline selfie

Where do I go next? 
I keep walking north on the lakeshore trail. I walk up to Fullerton, near newer landing that replaced the rocks. I make my way over to this spot, in between the breakers, and sit on the ledge next to the grassy knoll. Actually, I lay down.

I lay there and breathe for a few minutes. I turn off my music, close my eyes, and listen to the waves crash. I've even grown to like the weird bird that hangs out and chirps like a horn.

sun on my face breeze between my toes
Just lay there and breathe 
The sun feels good on my face and the breeze tickles my toes

leyla's vans against the chicago skyline
Listening to the waves crash
I like to get out there early in order to hear the waves uninterrupted

This must be the place 
This spot is perfect - ordinary but not mundane. I can stare into the blue forever. 

But sadly, I'm not independently wealthy. For that reason, I have to keep my starring time to 10 minutes. I sit here and stretch while thinking about what the remainder of the day holds for me (like work). Then it's time to head back. 

lake michigan in the mornings - chicago
 Fullerton Avenue on the lakeshore trail
I see people taking engagement photos here, I get it, sort of
(but I still think engagement photos are weird)

this must be the place
 Here is another shot of "my spot" on the lakeshore trail 
If you see me here, leave me uninterrupted

Off the lakeshore trail and into Lincoln Park 
During the week, I head off the lakeshore trail at Fullerton and head home through Lincoln Park. On the weekends, I walk up farther. I walk up to Belmont or Diversey before heading back. Perhaps to Hollywood before summer is over?

Lincoln Park is loaded with discovery too. I am a creature of habit, like to the point of OCD. I walk the same exact way almost each morning. But when I occasionally veer from my norm, I am filled with surprises! 

lincoln park chicago

Lincoln Park underpass
Under the statue of that guy on the horse

lincoln park chicago

Near the nature stuff in Lincoln Park
No clue what this honeycomb thing is but I'm into it

pond in the park - chicago
 Lincoln Park pond
Not the best shot of the pond, but it gives you another perspective

flowers in the park - lincoln park
Nature boardwalk in Lincoln Park
They've done a great job restoring the pond

ducks in the harbor

Belmont Harbor (or Diversey Harbor?)
This is the point where I turn back on the weekends

That's it! Those are my summer morning moments in Chicago.
If you want to see more, follow me on the social medias. I post my walks in real-time all the time.

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