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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lollapalooza 2016: Day 1 Recap of The Bands We Saw (Not Just My Outfit)

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Recap of the Bands on Day 1 (Thursday) at Lollapalooza

This is my (and my friend Adam's) recap and it isn't any less special on Day 3!

Lollapalooza AlunaGeorge
AlunaGeorge at The Pepsi Stage
Winner of the best show I saw on Thursday!

Lollapalooza Day 1 Bands
This is NOT a blog post about my clothes or some other bullshit fashion blogger post. This is how it all went down. Commentary is mostly me with Adam mixed in. Most of the good pics are by Adam. Sorry for the lack of hyperlinks to the bands, in a hurry, will try to update it later. This is gibberish for your entertainment anyway. 

City & Colour 
Bud light stage. We arrived, it started to rain, we needed shelter from rain. We visited the Bait & Switch tent - AKA Toyota's fake contest booth - but then needed cover again. We found some trees to stand under when we heard City & Colour. We weren't trying to see him, more interested in staying dry, but the guy was really good. I only saw a corner of his eye on the jumbotron through the trees. But I liked what I saw. 

Kurt Vile and The Violators 
Petrillo stage. Rain stopped. He was very good. The banjo song was good. After the banjo song, that song was my favorite. I need to look it up but I think it was Walking on a Pretty Day. He kinda reminds me of Wilco. 

Kurt Vile Chicago Lolla 2016
Kurt Vile and I have the same Lolla hair

Pepsi stage. This was a happy accident, I stumbled upon her when I was trying to charge my phone & use the port-a-potty. AlunaGeorge was my favorite of all the bands we saw on Thursday. An alluring vibe that pulled me away from the port-a-potty and then they kept us from going back to finish Kurt Vile's set. 

AlunaGeorge at Lollapalooza
Hey, can someone tell that girl to get off her phone?

Samsung Stage (I think). Total accident, again. We were watching Schlomo at the BMI Stage and had to leave immediately. He was insulting me with his music. We wandered over to G-Easy and loved it. Great energy! Plus, he's skinny, which is always a bonus for me.

The 1975
Bud Light Stage. Blah. The first song was alright. The second song was meh. The third song made me want to commit crimes against humanity. And, it was TEENY BOPPER HELL. Note, in my last Lolla post I said how much I loved seeing families, well this was where I drew the line.

The Arcs 
Lakeshore Stage. Stayed for the whole show. I thought they were quite good... but then I saw that they had two drummers. I turned to Adam and said, "What band has two drummers?" With one eye open, he says "The Grateful Dead." My suspicions were confirmed, we were watching a "jam band". I didn't care if I was watching Dave Matthews Band circa 1992, I still liked their music. (P.S. if you couldn't pick up what I was laying down, let me spell it out for you - I hate Dave Matthews). 

Perry's Stage. He was floating. I knew his first two songs. I liked his Trump f*ck you. He tricked the kiddies into putting their middle finger in the air (because apparently everyone at concerts does whatever the guy on stage tells them to do) and then he said F U to Trump. He was the first of two bands (so far) to say F U to Trump.

Flosstradamus at Perry's Stage - see he's floating!  

Last But Not Least... 

Lana Del Rey 
Bud Light Stage. We get to Lana Del Rey about 15 mins into her set and it's like the scene from the Wizard of Oz where they fall asleep in the poppy field - just kidding! People weren't sleeping. It was more like the dream sequence from the movie Grease - beauty school dropout. I'm still kidding!

Seeing Lana Del Rey headline a music festival is like seeing a Buster Keaton film in 3D IMAX. There is no point!

She sounded fantastic and played all her hits, actually, I think all her songs are hits. The black and white feed on the jumbotron certainly gave Lana Del Rey's performance a magical feel. Despite the magic, her music, along with her barely-there stage presence, is more conducive to smaller venues. Can you imagine seeing Lana Del Rey at The Green Mill? That would be a good show.

Ultra violence sounded fantastic. She played Summertime Sadness and who doesn't have that going on right now? Totally appropriate. Video Games is always a huge crowd pleaser. And then she played an older song where she picked up a guitar. Adam said it looked like she was pretending to play guitar - but that was for the song that came after the older song I can't remember. Adam also said, "a Gibson Flying V was an interesting choice" for her to play. I dunno, too technical for me.

I almost forgot, Lana Del Rey complained that it was hot. Stick to the air-conditioned clubs, Lana. 

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