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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lollapalooza Day 2 - The Day of Crowd Surfing and Radiohead

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Bad timing. Rain. Crowd surfing. Radiohead. The overall theme of Friday, day two of Lollapalooza.

Crowd surfing in the afternoon and Radiohead at night. That is the gist of my recap from Lollapalooza on Friday (day two).  

Friday Lolla Radiohead
Radiohead at Lollapalooza on Friday
Pics courtesy of my friend Adam G.

Here’s how my Day 2 at Lolla went

I missed Saint motel because I had a client call. I missed The Struts because it took forever to get to the park. Traffic was insane. Finally, there was the death march to the main entry gate to Lollapalooza - that took a while too. People were waiting upwards of two hours to enter the park. WTF.

I arrived and had two bud light limes while waiting for friends to make it over to the park. It started to rain, so I headed to the Bud Light Toilets (sheltered under the trees near the Bud Light stage). Plus, they were the cleanest toilets in the park.

Cherub on the Bud Light Stage - Friday, Lollapalooza
I've moved on from Bud Light Lime to white wine

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls - Bud Light stage.
I came across Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls while waiting out the rain near the toilets. They were playing on the Bud Light stage. I thought they were really good. I listened to four songs. Frank is a cute British guy. He was wearing a buttoned dress shirt and a skinny tie. And he stage dove / crowd surfed whilst wearing a tie. I was smitten, naturally.

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls
Crowd surfing in a tie-guy

How the evening of my Day 2 went 

At some point, I stopped by Lettuce at the Petrillo band shell. I looked for friends. The band was not for me, so I left. I went to the Citi Lounge and charged my phone. Then I found Adam.

Leyla Chicago Lollapalooza
Leyla and Adam at Lollapalooza 2016
Friends since freshman year of high school

Cherub at Bud Light stage.
Interesting and confusing because they’re dance-y with a rock vibe. They were enjoyable and the kids really liked it. We saw a boy wearing a kimono, he was a crazy dancer. Crazy dancer boy did this backwards skip, punching thing when his favorite song came on. He did this odd dance move all around the crowd.

Cherub at Lolla - Kimono Dancer Boy
Boy in Kimono during Cherub
Lollapalooza 2016

M83 at the Samsung stage.
Very enjoyable. We decided to hang back by toilets - again. Not quite in the toilets, but up on a hill, above the crowd, where we could hear well. I was happy that we saw them.

Lolla16 M83 Chicago
M83 from the hill at Lollapalooza
And some dude named red beard

Wolf Alice at the Pepsi stage.
Best show of the day winner! They were definitely beloved by their audience. The whole band was into it. The lead singer is talented and engaging. The music is great.

But the best part of the show was the guy standing in front of me. He was loving every minute and recording the whole experience. AND... he was wearing an LA Guns t-shirt from the '88 tour. What?

Lolla 2016 Wolf Alice - LA Guns T-shirt Guy
LA Guns No Mercy Tour '88
at Lollapalooza watching Wolf Alice

I mean, the second best part of the Wolf Alice was that guy. The best part was the lead singer of Wolf Alice crowd surfing. And then catching a photo of her crowd surfing on my phone! And not seeing it until the next morning. An then tweeting it the following day at 9AM. And the band re-tweeting my photo of her crowd surf a few hours later.

Miike Snow at Lakeshore stage.
Only caught a few songs, which was too bad. I missed Miike Snow at Lollapalooza in 2012 and I really like Miike Snow. At least I did get to see a bit this year. Miike Snow (just wanted to drop it in one more time).

Miike Snow Lollapalooza 2016

Radiohead at the Samsung stage.
I know everyone loves Radiohead and they were the top headliner. I hate admitting it but I'm not a fan. I can appreciate their talent but the music is not for me. Friday night of Lolla was my first Radiohead show. I wanted to keep an open mind and I was there for most of their show (i think). But I had to get out. I was having a physical reaction to their music.

From what I heard, the fans liked the sirens, I mean songs. Radiohead was a hit with the olds... and the youngs.

Radiohead Headliner Lollapalooza Friday
Radiohead at Lollapalooza 2016

Radiohead playing Leylapalooza 2016 in Chicago
Radiohead at Leylapalooza 2016
Leylapalooza is not impressed!

And... doesn't anyone else think it's weird that Radiohead had their entire internet history wiped clean? They deleted social media accounts and a bunch of other crap (or so I heard). I mean, the only people who have their internet history scrubbed are porn stars (Sasha Gray), ponzi scheme dudes, and two of my ex-boyfriends.

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