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Thursday, December 22, 2016

'Tis The Season... So Far

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The holiday seasons is in full swing and I've been busy 'tissing the season! 

And the holiday cheer continues as I 'tis my way through the New Year! 

Bucktown Pub Holiday decor 

Holiday Pub Crawl 
Kicked off the festive season with a private holiday pub crawl. It sounds fancy but my "holiday pub crawl" was a self-implemented, two-person endeavor. We didn't have a bus or anything special, we simply decided to visit a few bars in the late afternoon over Thanksgiving weekend. Some might call it "bar hopping", I called it a holiday pub crawl. 

The photo above is from the last stop on my "private holiday pub crawl". We headed to Bucktown Pub specifically to see their holiday decorations. 

Twist Your Dickens 
Attended the Christmas comedy, Twist Your Dickens at the Goodman TheatreI love Christmas comedies and this was my first time seeing Twist Your Dickens. It was hysterical. I highly recommend it, though I do need to tell you that I received complimentary tickets. If you can see it, you should. It runs through the end of the year and it is not to be missed. You will be glad you listened to me.

Walnut Room Tree 
Like every good Chicagoan, we ended up at the State Street Fields - err, Macy's - and made our way up to the Walnut room. The line to get in for lunch was worse than Disney during Spring Break. Imagine if you will... bad sweaters, bad shoes, impatient fathers, ambitious mothers and screaming babies -- lots and lots of screaming babies. Naturally, I walked up to the ropes, snapped a pic of the tree and swiftly walked away.... because ain't nobody got time for dat.

Christmas Tree in the Walnut Room on State Street

Everest for Dinner
My Christmas present this year was dinner at Everest. You may (or may not) know this but I don't celebrate Christmas - because I'm not Christian. It's funny that I have to qualify it, why else would I not celebrate Christmas? But for some reason, I clarify why I don't celebrate. The same people who can't make sense of not celebrating Christmas are not as confused when I tell them I don't celebrate Easter. Other Christian holidays seem to register, but Christmas really throws people for a loop. Yes, I'm not Christian. And here's my favorite part of this personal reveal - I AM (by birth and not practice) MUSLIM. By practice I am an Atheist. It's such a fun reveal, it makes people so uncomfortable.

Not sure how Everest for Dinner turned into a paragraph of me rationalizing my religious beliefs but at least I stopped before the Drumpf rant. I was about to go on about how I once ran a Twitter poll to see if people were more upset when they learned I was Muslim or an Atheist. Being an Atheist was worse in the majority's opinion, so I stuck with it. Back to Everest... 

It was my first time dining at Everest and it was magnificent! If you read my blog, or follow me on social, you'll know that I speak with authority. I like to dine and I do it well. And if you don't read my blog, or follow me on social, you should really start. Everest was not on my list of musts but I figured I should try it. We liked Everest so much, we discussed making it a Christmas tradition. 

Christmas Shopping 
I have not completed my shopping and I'm OK with that. I don't see the need to shop weeks in advance. I enjoy holiday shopping mayhem, the energy of the last minute hustle motivates me. We did visit the Merchandise Mart for the One-of-a-Kind Show a few weeks back. I wanted to replace a pair of mittens that a friend had picked up for me several years ago. About an hour into it, I found my vendor and we were out of there! It was good but too craftsy. 

Social Media Club Chicago Holiday Soiree 
This week was the final holiday party of the season - or of the corporate, or non-family / friend, holiday party season. I've been on the board for SMC (Social Media Club) for a little over a year and helped put together our annual holiday event. We had a smaller event, hosted at The Betty (where they have a live tree), and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. At least it seemed that way. 

Real Christmas Tree at The Betty

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