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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Yesterday, I Dyed The River Green - Literally

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St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is a thing... a BIG thing!

Dyeing the river green is part of what makes it a big thing, this year, I was lucky enough to not only take part but actually dye the river green. 

St. Patrick's Day Chicago
This one is my favorite photo
Setting out to #DyeTheRiverGreen

What Do You Mean You Dyed The River? 
You're probably wondering what I am talking about... Well, I'll tell you. On Saturday, March 11th, I was a guest of COUNTRY Financial for the St. Patrick's Day Parade which included a ride on the boat that dyes the river! For realz tho!

I Dyed The River Green, Literally
This was when I realized we were dyeing the river
You can see it flowing out behind us #DyeTheRiverGreen

Sure there are other boats that dye the river, the little tiny, little dingy-looking boats that you see buzzing up and down the river, but they're helping fill in the blanks. The big job was done by this massive dyeing machine that was attached to the boat we were riding on. The boat that COUNTRY Financial, along with the Plumbers Local 130, was hosting was the boat I was on. So, you see, that's how I LITERALLY dyed the river green!

Dye The River Green - LIterally
Spot the green behind our boat? #DyeTheRiverGreen COUNTRY Financial
Taken on my EZVIZ Five Plus Camera 

Despite the bone-chilling weather, everyone had a great time. Upon arrival, we were given a scarf, a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses (green lenses), and a green selfie stick - which came in super handy! After we dyed the river, we headed to the parade. COUNTRY Financial had a "VIP" area for us in a heated tent (rejoice!) with a fancy port-a-pottie (which we all appreciated) and corned beef sandwiches - naturally.

St. Paddy's Day with Leyla
Hello! From the COUNTRY Financial Tent at the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Taken on my EZVIZ Five Plus Camera -- I'm still mastering this thing!

We had premium seating for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Watched the from the COUNTRY Financial bandstand area. And after the parade there was more! We were escorted to Smith & Wollenski's for lunch - more corned beef and cabbage + a carving station. We also got to meet the parade queen. I didn't realize there was a queen of the parade but now I know.

St. Patrick's Day with COUNTRY Financial

COUNTRY Financial St. Pat's Day After Party with the Parade Queen(s)
Parade Queens - Bag Pipes
St. Patrick's Day festivities were a success!

More Photos of St. Pat's Day  
COUNTRY Financial organized a day of fun festivities. We had bag pipe players on the our boat, drinks, scarves and sunglasses!

 #DyeTheRiverGreen COUNTRY Financial

Chicago Fire Department #DyeTheRiverGreen 

Taken on my EZVIZ Five Plus

#DyeTheRiverGreen COUNTRY Financial

#DyeTheRiverGreen COUNTRY Financial


Here I am in my new Ray Bans (courtesy of Country Financial)

 Dave excited to be on a WARM bus after a COLD boat ride

 There was a Ghost Busters thing going on
#DyeTheRiverGreen COUNTRY Financial

  There was a Ghost Busters thing going on
#DyeTheRiverGreen COUNTRY Financial

 There was a Ghost Busters thing going on

 There was a Ghost Busters thing going on at the St. Pat's Day Parade in Chicago

Chicago River #DyeTheRiverGreen
One last look at our beautiful city - Chicago St. Pat's Day Parade
#DyeTheRiverGreen COUNTRY Financial

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Country Financial. The opinions and text are all mine. From local farmers markets to children’s education initiatives and Chicago’s local plumbers union, COUNTRY Financial is committed to supporting events and programs that grow and enrich communities and local businesses.

I also mention my EZVIZ Camera, which was provided to me by EZVIZ to use in exchange for posts. But, as always, you can trust that my opinions, my pictures and my words are my own.

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